Building Value for our clients is the cornerstone of our business.

Over the past few decades, Bette & Cring has established itself as one of the leading Construction Services Providers in the Northeast. We are focused on providing clients with responsive solutions, high-quality projects, safe worksites, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Through close collaboration with each individual client, Bette Cring strives to define what “Value” is most important – competitive pricing, exceptional service, timeliness, flexibility, sustainability – and then work hard to meet that definition’s end goal. Through this team-based approach, the focus is on understanding project goals and providing the leadership and expertise to deliver facility construction with maximum value.


Ability, willingness, honesty, and trust are the foundations of Bette & Cring’s corporate vision. The Bette Cring construction team is made up of talented professionals in the industry that demand commitment to collaboration, leadership, technical excellence, education, integrity, and hard work.
With a rich tradition of family-based values and construction excellence, Bette & Cring continues to serve as a valued partner for clients in the building process from project start to finish.

“Our goal is to exceed your expectations.” – Matt Bette

Buildings from A to Z

From apartments to zoo buildings and everything in between, Bette & Cring meets the challenges inherent in every project type with a steadfast commitment to getting things right on the first try and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Bette & Cring has a diverse range of experience including office parks, classrooms, combined heat and power plants, condominiums, bridges and roadways, university buildings, healthcare facilities, dormitories, museums, residential communities, laboratories, retail stores, parking garages, historic renovations, car dealerships, athletic fields, on-site generation, warehouses, banks, restaurants, railroad trestles, visitor centers, gymnasiums, government buildings, and many more.