Building is in our blood. From our early roots in 1935 to the diverse group of companies today, The Bette Family of Companies’ story is synonymous with a successful family history with deep traditions in the construction industry.

Bette & Cring Construction Group was formed in 1999 as a friendly spin-off of several divisions of Barry, Bette & Led Duke, Inc. (BBL), by company executives Matthew Bette, Peter Bette, and Harold Cring. Today, with over 300 employees in two locations, Bette & Cring is focused on providing exceptional services and construction expertise to both private and public sector clientele.

Our story is based on several generations working to “Build Value” in our communities


construction tools 1935

The Bette family enters the construction business when Joe Bette starts Bette Builders


Bridge Construction 1960

Mike Bette gets his start in Commercial Construction Industry


Bridge Construction 1965

Mike Bette and Bob Barry relocate to Upstate NY to start a new construction Office in Albany.


Bridge Construction 1973

Mike Bette partners with Bob Barry to form Barry & Bette, Inc. specializing in heavy highway construction.


Family Business

The next generation joins the family construction business as Mike’s sons Matt, Kevin, Peter, Chris, and Mark move up through the ranks at BBL.


Harold Cring

Harold Cring joins BBL and opens an office in Watertown, NY.


Barry & Bette adds a new partner and Barry, Bette, & Led Duke, Inc. is formed (BBL Construction).


1987 Bette Cring Timeline Photo

BBL forms a real estate development division, headed by Kevin Bette, to offer new services.


Tarpon Springs Condos

Matt Bette expands the company opening an office in Ft. Myers, Fl. (BBL Florida) to focus on high-rise, multi-family type projects.


construction history - 1991 Bette Cring expands to Texas under BBL Building Co

Matt Bette expands the company opening an office in Irving, Texas focusing on multi-family construction.


Peter Bette becomes VP

Peter Bette becomes a Vice President of BBL and Division Manager of the Bridge Group


Matt Bette is named “Contractor of the Year” by the American Subcontractors Association of Southwest Florida.


Bette Cring Construction History - Construction of Anthem Blue Shield

Kevin Bette forms First Columbia, a real estate development and investment firm.


Downtown Albany

Bette & Cring Construction Group is formed as a spin-off of BBL by sons Matt and Peter Bette (Albany, NY Office) and Harold Cring (Watertown, NY Office).


Bette Cring Construction Group Offices

Bette & Cring, First Columbia, BBL Florida and TX BBL relocate their headquarters to Century Hill Plaza in Latham, NY – our present location.


Burrstone Energy Center

Bette & Cring develops, builds, and owns the landmark Burrstone Energy Center, which provides onsite cogenerated power to a neighborhood microgrid serving St. Luke’s Hospital, Utica College, and St. Luke’s Nursing Home, and exports power back to the grid.


Bette & Cring Board of Directors

The Bette Companies forms to unify First Columbia, Bette & Cring, BBL Florida, and Texas BBL as a national diversified construction group.


Cogen Power Technologies Team

As demand for energy alternatives grows, Bette & Cring creates Cogen Power Technologies, a cogeneration and power consulting company.



TX BBL changes its name to BBL Building Company to represent its wider geographic coverage.

Construction worker with safety harness standing at a height

A new generation of the Bette family and Cring family join the construction legacy in project management, field supervision, and administrative roles.


Multifamily Project Model

Mark Lear and Ron Rollins assume leadership positions at BBL Building Co. and expand office to Plano, Texas.