With decades of quality construction experience, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow and improve our processes based on lessons learned on the job. Bette & Cring has built a legacy of construction excellence. Supporting our clients through the construction process is the key to getting the results you want and expect.

Because your goals become our goals, B & C is a true partner in the construction process. We work with experienced local trade partners to get the work done, and we ensure that our standards for safety and quality are upheld.

Integrity and trust are the foundation of our quality program.

Communication is an essential element to providing quality builds. Our management philosophy ensures that each client maintains a close working relationship with the firm’s principals and project management team to provide for significant client input and interaction throughout all phases of a project.

Bette & Cring works with the Owner and the project team to help meet the goals for budget, scope, quality, and schedule. We make sure that our scope is clear, concise, and organized to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible price. We do this at all times with the best interests of the owner in mind, but with a constructive and open mindset as required to find solutions to the challenges that may arise. We strive for timely and accurate resolution of issues, approvals, and changes of direction during the course of the project.

High-quality construction materials and expert craftsmanship paired with our record for delivering projects on budget and on schedule is the foundation of quality for our projects, our communities, and our customers.

Completed construction of Blue Cross Building - Commercial Construction
Construction Project Manager
Hospitality Construction - Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program

For our clients, building projects represent significant investments of finances and resources. We understand this and have developed a process that is focused on getting things right the first time and protecting your investment for many years to come. This well-coordinated process begins on day one and continues daily to ensure that the work is monitored thoroughly, executed according to plans, and any corrections are made expediently. This minimizes change orders, delays, and warranty issues down the road.


Bette & Cring maintains a substantial Quality Control Program complemented by written documentation so that all work activities affecting quality are recorded within the document control system and are accomplished in accordance with contract specifications, drawings, and procedures.

The program provides for independent inspections, tests, and controls necessary to achieve specified quality. It identifies personnel, procedures, controls, instructions, tests, and records to be used.

If issues are identified, Bette & Cring initiates a plan of corrective action and resolution. Then the process of “Plan, Check, Implement, Correct, and Check Again” resumes until the conclusion of the project.